The Newton Family has been involved with the petroleum business for over 60 years. Our Dad, Cliff Newton, started with Standard Oil Company in 1961 in the small town of Dayton, IN serving Tippecanoe and surrounding counties. He provided local farmers and residents with gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, lubricants and fertilizer.

Cliff started as a one truck operation and eventually purchased Newton Oil’s original location on Wilson Street in Lafayette, IN from the Standard Oil Company in 1976.

Chuck and Jim have worked for their Dad since they were kids. They mowed, cleaned and did every little job available until they were old enough to drive. Since then, they have purchased Newton Oil Company from their parents and run the company today.

Newton Oil Company has expanded the services they provide to farming, transportation, manufacturing, services, grain operations and racing fuel to the entire Midwest and beyond.

Our Team

Aaron Benner - Controller - Manges ordering and inventory. Works directly with suppliers - Petro Canada, Castrol, Eneos, and Total to ensure a stocked warehouse!

Aaron Benner

Operations Manager

Darrell Brumbarger

Transport Driver

Lyle Burkhalter

Tank Wagon Driver
Eric Cragen - Tank Wagon Delivery Driver - Serving Indianapolis, Martinsville, Mooresville, Morgantown, Bloomington, Nashville, Trafalgar and Franklin

Eric Cragen

Tank Wagon Driver
Mark Cragen - Outside Sales Martinsville Area - Lubricants, DEF, Fuel

Mark Cragen

Aron Fife - Tank Wagon Delivery Driver- Serving Rossville, Frankfort, Monticello, Lebanon, Kokomo, Tipton and everything in between!

Aron Fife

Tank Wagon Driver
Dave Fugate - Service Manager- Provides customers with quality service to ensure our equipment is working great!

Dave Fugate

Mike Garibaldi - Transportation Manager - Dispatch, Load Manager, Flex Driver, Driver Manager

Mike Garibaldi


Robert Geyer

Chief Financial Officer
Mike Goss - Service - Helps customers with any service related issues!

Mike Goss

R.D Hayman - Commercial Fuel and Lubricant Sales - Specializes in transport/tank wagon fuel sales, DEF, Heavy Duty Lubricants, Equipment

R.D. Hayman

Commercial Fuel & Lubricant Sales
Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Margie Hahn

Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Hannah Harmon

Martinsville Front Office / Customer Service
Trisha Holle - Customer Service/ Front Desk

Trisha Holle

Front Desk / Customer Service
Jim Hunter - Industrial Sales Representative - Specializes in Castrol Industrial products, Petro Canada, Total, Eneos and much more!

Jim Hunter

Industrial Sales
Dale Inskeep - White Oil/ Mineral Oil Sales

Dale Inskeep

Mineral Oil Sales
Shawn Keith - Lubricants and White Oil Driver - Provides quality delivery service to ensure our customers oil tanks are always full!

Shawn Keith

Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Jamie Letson

Flex Driver
Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Mike Lohmeyer

Transportation Manager

Kelli Lucas

Front Desk / Customer Service
Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Tony Miller

Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Karl Newhart

Transport Driver
Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Joyce Newton

AP / Pacific Pride Manager
Erin Pushic - Rural Business Development/Marketing Manager

Erin Pushic

Rural Business Development / Marketing Manager
Kyle Radtke - Inside Sales/ Warehouse Manager - Onsite sales specialist to help with ordering and inventory.

Kyle Radtke

Inside Sales / Warehouse

Tyler Reash

Industrial Sales
James Schultz - Warehouse Manager/ Dragon Racing Fuel Manager

James Schultz

Race Fuel Sales
Carl Slade - Transport Fuel Driver - Bulk Fuel Delivery - Ensures Newton Oil continuously has fuel to continue to fuel our customer's passion!

Carl Slade

Transport Driver
Jim Smith - Tank Wagon Fuel Delivery Driver- Serves Greater Lafayette Area, West Lafayette, Fowler, Wolcott, Thorntown, Brownsburg

Jim Smith

Tank Wagon Driver
Tiffany Ticen - Accounts Receivable Manager

Tiffany Ticen

AR / Credit / Collections Manager
Joyce Newton - Human Resources Manager

Phil Unger

Warehouse/Inventory Manager
Phill Zimmerman - Sales Manager - Manages R.D Hayman, Erin Pushic, Dale Inskeep and Jim Hunter in there sales endeavors!

Phill Zimmerman

Sales Manager