Farm & Fleet

Farming has been an important part of Newton Oil Company's business. Over the years we have participated in the county fairs with auctions, queen pageants, Ag programs, and with FFA, at the local high schools. 

One of the products the farming community has come to depend on is Amoco Premier Diesel Fuel which is one of the finest premium diesel fuels available. Services provide by Newton Oil Company include tanks, pumps, nozzles and hoses. Newton Oil Company also provides maintenance service for all equipment used to dispense our fuel. 

Industrial Lubes

For over 25 years Newton Oil Company has played a major role in helping the grain and feed industry comply with federal regulations and avoid deadly and costly grain dust explosions. We provide the systems, maintenance and product for dust control including delivery and spraying of FDA approved oil in a dedicated trailer. 

White Oil is used in many applications from tech grade for feed or fertilizer, lubricating food-handling equipment to dust suppression in grain elevators or feed mills. It's properties are chemically and biologically stable, non-smedogenic and do not support pathogenic bacterial growth. Because of these properties white oil has become the standard in many industries worldwide. 

Newton Oil Company complies with all FDA rules and regulations for handling, storing and transporting white oils. 
Newton Oil Company offers a full complement of premium petroleum products designed to meet your organization's specific needs. Our experience servicing the Industrial, Commercial Fleet, and Passenger Car industries span two generations. We pride ourselves on the right solutions to meet your business objectives. Our goal is to exceed expectations and contribute to your success. 

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Newton Oil Company is a highly diversified petroleum business dedicated to providing products and services that exceed customer's expectations - every time!

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